The Rhine@Biebrich,Wiesbaden,Germany

A late evening shot of the Rhine at Biebrich, Wiesbaden Germany. To the right of the tree line is the Biebricher Schloss, (Schloss: Castle), quite an important equestrian tournament is held in the grounds called the Pfingsturnier or Pfings tournament. It is usually held around Easter time and all the major competition horses and horsey people attend this competition.

This area of the Rhine is the Rhinegau where the wine comes from and all along its banks further downriver, are the Medieval Castles that demanded payment from the ships and boats that travelled up and down the river in days of old. The legend of the Lorelei is at the bend in the river,legend has it that a beautiful woman sat on the rocks,combing her beautiful blonde hair and singing a sweet song, luring the fishermen on to the rocks and certain death.

The Rhinegau, understandably, is now  a massive tourist attraction with wienkellers in every town along it´s banks.

I did´nt bring my Tri or Mono on this trip, so I used the handrail in the foreground to anchor the camera as steady as possible. I had my flash but did´nt want to use it as it would have (I believe) ruined the ambience of the image, hence the mega ISO. I thought the handrail might somehow enhance the image, how wrong i was, oh well go to the end of the handrail and take a long hard look at the scene in front before shooting next time!

I had thought,  while taking the image, I could convert to monochrome using  SEP, thereby leaving the grain effect untouched but in the end, I liked the lighting off to the tree line to the right so I used CEP´s Darken/Lighten Center, a filter i´ve never used before, which worked  well in relation to the reality of the scene thru my eyes at the time.

The place was crawling with river rats, almost tame and not like the ones you get on the banks of the river Thames in London, a third of the size of them, so quite small and I let them go about their business as they did´nt interfere with mine. Anyway what´s a rat, just a big mouse with a long tail!

Canon 50D, f/5.6, 1/10 sec, ISO 3200, Tamron 10-24mm@24mm, CEP Darken/Lighten Center filter.


7 thoughts on “The Rhine@Biebrich,Wiesbaden,Germany

  1. Awww rats (come on, had to have been said)! I too, like the feel of the image. It would be interesting to see a B&W version, not just straight up B&W, tweaked here and there of course! 😀

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