Moving House

I´ve been away from my blog for two or three weeks now and i´m really missing it,i´ve been keeping up with everyone else´s posts but have´nt been able to post anything myself  which is a bit like having an itch you can´t scratch ( e.g the kind of itch you get on the sole of your foot while driving the car)!

Reason being, we´ve moved to our townhouse in a nearby village-which means living out of cardboard boxes and crates for a period of time, it also means I can´t get to take many photos, as wives, vis-a-vis homemakers, always have 500 chores for you to do before lunchtime when you move house!

The village lies at the base of a mountain and on a clear day, from the roof terrace you can just make out the port of Denia and the sea.

There´s, no light pollution here, so it´s starry,starry nights! In the dead of night you can hear the wild boar squealing and the hooting of white owls on the mountainside a hundred meters away. The downside is burning my fingers on the log fire every hour and waiting for days for telephone technicians to come and install my broadband line, so this post is uploaded from the wife´s gift shop.

I did manage to sneak up to the roof terrace and get a couple of shots of the village church from our roof terrace last night. The village managed to raise enough money to restore it some years ago and when I lived in this village some 12 years ago, I always gave the church a wide berth as looked to me like it would fall down at any minute!

At the weekend is the fiesta of San Antoni, the patron saint of animals and everyone brings their animals to the village square to be blessed by the priest so Sophie will be in her element, as she does´nt need much encouragement to show off her kitten Timba. Later on in the evening is an Hoguera where a huge bonfire is lit in the square with a traditional dance troupe, so hopefully i´ll have some photographic material to work with this weekend, before starting on some more challenging photography over the coming weeks and months.

Canon EOS 50D,f/18,30sec,ISO 100,Canon 18-200mm zoom@145mm,tripod, SOOC


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