Fontilles Sanatorium

The Vall De Laguart is about 14K inland from Sagra, the village where we now live, it´s major agricultural produce are the most scrumptious cherries you´ve ever tasted, although they won´t be ready before about April or May. Each valley here in this part of Spain(Pais Valencia) has it´s own micro-climate, Jalon is famous for wine which comes to fruition late August-September, this valley has cherries April – May,  our valley below the Vall De Laguart and close to the sea  produces  Oranges, Clementinas and Mandarins from December-March.

Fontilles in The Vall De Laguart was a Sanatorium for Leprosy sufferers (the non-contagious kind, or dry Leprosy). The sanitorium sits in about 4 Sq Km of land with a wall all around it, kind of like a mini wall of China- to keep people out – not  those in!

The Santorium at Fontilles, now is a geriatric centre principally dealing with dementia and Alzheimer sufferers. More info on the Sanatorium can be found here  If you have Chrome web browser and you are not a Spanish speaker you´ll  get a pretty good page translation. The foundation still does a lot of work in the field of Leprosy, in the third world.

When we visited it,I think we saw only  three people although there are about 48 residents and this grand building was one of about  six or seven  buildings each with their own grand and distinctive style. There are large area´s of peace and tranquility, a bit like peace gardens but a little more traditional.

I thought it was a photographic gem,mostly because it was devoid of people on our visit-hard to find these days in this part of the world- and so I will be going back there at some point, to explore and photograph more. If ever  you´re in this area, it´s well  worth a visit,not least for the peace and tranquility and Arquitechture Iand  is open to the public.

I tonemapped this image, but  it´s pretty  faithful to the real thing, in this case I wanted to get some detail and I like the shadows cast by the trees.

Some more  Santorium  images to come, however my  broadband (or lack of it) problem still exists for the moment, so my posts will be not as prolific as they used to be until that´s sorted!

Canon 50D, f/13, 1/400 sec, ISO 200, Canon 18-200mm zoom @ 28mm  Tonemapped with Photomatix.


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