Aloe Vera – Wonderplant

I  have suffered from Repetetive Strain Injury for years,lately I have been getting it from sitting at a computer. The pain starts on the right side of my neck below the ear and runs down my shoulder blades to my arm and elbow. This comes from mouse use at a computer.

So whilst out photographing in the Vall De Laguart last Sunday, I saw this very proud looking Aloe Vera, as I was photographing it, it came like a bolt out of the blue: If this plant is good for insect bites and Rheumatism perhaps it might work for RSI, so on returning home I snipped off one of the leaves of one of our own potted Aloe Vera, cut the spiky bits off and filleted the leaves (as you would a fish). Then used the two halves to rub the juice inside on the affected areas-i´ll be blowed, within 6 minutes the pain had completely disappeared! It is important to wash your hands after applying it as the juice stings like crazy if you get it on sensitive areas like nose mouth or eyes, it is definitely external use only.

So it´s Adios to my well-meaning doctor´s potent painkillers with their nasty side-effects that don´t alleviate, just manage the pain and it´s out to the countryside and dig up some more to re-pot at home. This plant grows abundantly in the Mediterranean and I highly recommend it for it´s medicinal properties. Of course it´s a desert plant, so those of you in more northern climes would have to buy a potted version from your local flower shop and keep it indoors by a window (it does´nt like temperatures below zero).

As it´s a desert plant, it does´nt need much watering and the leaves grow in a manner that collects every bit of moisture to bring to it´s roots. The best way to water it is to use a mister once or twice a week.

I´m not saying it will work for everybody but if you suffer from RSI or similar and don´t want to be a slave to conventional medication-try it and see!

Canon 50D, f/9, 1/500 sec, ISO 100, Canon 18-200mm @ 120mm, CEP filter: Vignette Blur


6 thoughts on “Aloe Vera – Wonderplant

  1. When you first cut a leaf, a yellow liquid will ooze out. This is the substance that will irritate sensitive skin. After filleting rinse the gel off, crush some of it and apply the crushed gel. Completely non-irritating, and yes, you can even consume it (anti-inflammatory, some say). The yellow liquid is sometimes eaten as a laxative, but with possible GI upset/cramping side effects.

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