Exploring My New Neighborhood

Since moving to the new (old) house, i´ve been itching to do  a bit of scouting around for vistas and the like to photograph. So Saturday, late afternoon, I took the bike (Harley that is,not bycicle!) along the mountain road from our village (Sagra) to the town of Pego, about  5km away. About half way there, I came across this scene, i´d almost forgotten about it since I lived here 12 years ago. Definately a candidate for some HDR,I thought,  especially with the cloud formations, so i hightailed it back to the house, swapped the Harley for the Mazda, loaded up with all the photo gear and returned within the hour.

This shot was taken from the tiny little road bridge that joins the two sides of the valley (almost a Gorge). To the back of me are the Pego Marjal (marsh lands) extending to the sea and the coast to Gandia and Cullera further up the coast. That will be a future project, but for now this shot will do.

This was a three bracket HDR processed in Photomatix and although (obviously) tripod mounted, there was a slight breeze which may account for slight lack of clarity in the foreground, even though I used Liveview at  10x magnification to get as sharp an image as I could (or perhaps I just need to upgrade my specs)!

Perhaps my Sigma 70-300mm might have done a better job of it than the Canon 18-200mm or perhaps it´s just the result of the Photomatix processing , not sure, but you get the picture (excuse the pun)! The cloud formation were as a result of  the dying remains of an heavy rainstorm earlier in the day, which I thought gave a nice effect.

The landscape and scenery here is more dramatic than when we lived over in Xaló, so i´m going to be having  a field day (very last intended pun in the same post-I promise!) in the coming weeks.

Canon 50D, ISO 200, Canon 18-200mm zoom, 3 bracket HDR, Processed in Photomatix

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