Nature´s Gift-The Font De Gel, Vall De Laguart

Font De Gel, roughly translates to Fountain of Ice in Valenciano, the water here is straight out of the mountain and freezing cold, hence it´s name and so pure  that we shan´t be buying bottled water anymore. The family in front of us were filling about 20 5 litre containers, which I thought was a little excessive-how much water can a family of three drink in a week, although in mitigation they may have been filling up for family and friends. The quantity was´nt really the problem, more the amount of time it was taking to fill up, we were in no hurry but there were cars pulling up with folks waiting behind us and as there is really only enough space for about 4 cars it was causing a bit of problem on a small mountain road. Everyone else (as were we) restricted the containers to 4  5 litre containers. Some folks behind us were visibly irate by this. Instead of filling the container and putting it in the boot of his car, he lined all the containers on the adjacent wall.

When our turn to fill up finally came, the man continually past in front of us to retrieve his container and load his car one container at a time restricting our access to the Font still further while his wife stood next to the car not lifting a finger to help cut down the loading time,blankly staring out into space. Madre Mia even I can carry two  5 litre containers in one hand! He then left without so much as friendly acknowledgement to everyone patiently waiting their turn, ignorance is bliss they say!

Due to this man´s ugly 5 litre containers littering the place(photographically speaking), I had to get in close and resting the camera on a bannister rail ( no Tripod this day)  took a ½ second  exposure to give the water flow some smoothness, I should add I got this shot whilst he was transferring a full container to the adjacent wall. In PP I added some Tonalmapping in Photomatix.

Canon 50D, f/13, ½ sec, ISO 100, Canon 18-200mm@32mm

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