From Clock Face to Surreal Place


Well  the ´phone lines are in but the Router is still not here (this post is yet again being uploaded from the wife´s gift shop sometime tomorrow or is that today?)  anyway, no internet access and 490 out of 500 Digital TV channels being absolute crap and me not being a great lover of TV, means I´ll have to find alternative ways to occupy my time,if I can´t browse wordpress or 500px to see what´s new, i´ll just have to make my own entertainment, so time to for some Photoshop jiggerypokery.

This image was an image of our local church clock face, taken at night with the face illuminated (a rather mundane photo) and then Ocean Ripple filtered to the max in PSE 10. I then duplicated the filtered background layer twice, resizing each duplicated image and merged them to give a feeling of distantce/depth. I find this quite Surreal and was quick and easy to do as I prefer less photo processing to create abstract photography rather than hours of processing, so much so that I was able complete it in time to spare for 4 rounds of Dominoes with Silvie and Sophie before Sophie´s bedtime (trying to cut down on Sophie´s Wii use and encourage some brain use)! My how those long winter nights just fly by when you´re having fun!


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