Mediterranean Fare

Everyone knows the mediterranean diet is healthy, so when Silvia came home with this lot i had to photograph it. Pimientos ( Red peppers), Arcoxofas (Artichoke), Tomates (self evident), Perjil (Parsley),Abbas (beans, the inside bits not the whole thing, as in Jack-and-the-beanstalk), Cebolla (Onions).

The Oranges, well I freshly squeeze them in the morning, I robbed them from the orange groves the other day but don´t tell anyone! The Artichokes are my favorites though and now is the season. Pour Olive oil (extra Virgen, not  the low quality stuff) on them, stick them in the fire, when the outside leaves are burnt, take them out of the fire (careful you don´t burn fingers) strip the burnt leaves away and gorge yourself on the inside of the leaves, this is truly Manna from Heaven and eat with your fingers, knives and Forks are for restaurants, here serviettes are order of the day!

The lovely hand-carved wooden bowl was a wedding present from some friends of ours and I reserved a place in the bowl for some fresh Fish, however the fishing boats had´nt come in by sundown and now we´re at home in front of the fire doing Dominoes, so i´m not going down to Denia  port ´til tomorrow, the fish will have to wait!

Canon 50D, f/16, 20 Sec, ISO 200, Tamron 10-24mm Ultra-Wide@16mm,  SOOC


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