Rainy Day Purple Hues

I´ve been unable to get out in the field as the weather here is atrocious at the minute, extremely cold and dull,grey and wet, however the forecast for the weekend is for sun so we´ll be exploring the Marjal (marsh lands) down at Pego.

In the meantime, it´s time to look at some fellow bloggers work in the interests of furthering more photographic/processing  knowledge. Brandon Brasseux´s Textures intrigue me at the moment but so too  insearchof style´s reflections  series of posts. They´re quick and fun to do, perfect for those rainy days!

I´ve never done these before so it´s a new and interesting thing for me to try out. In this case I used a macro I took of some flowers just before christmas and have´nt found a place for on my blog, it´s been hanging around on my external hard drive for awhile now, unable to find it´s niche-until now.

Since printing some Photoshop Twirls for our gift shop which has had some success, a local Gift Card shop want´s me to supply them with some cards, so may´be some reflections to add to the swirls is on the cards (´scuse the pun)!


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