An Ideal Piece Of Equipment For A Seamstress

The Little green light on my router has just come on, which means  i´m online in the house right now- about time too!

So now i can catch up with all those posts from fellow bloggers that i´ve archived because i did´nt have time to read them in the wife´s giftshop- the only place we had an internet connection!

I may  have mentioned that we found an old but perfectly preserved sewing machine in the attic of the in-laws in Germany, according to the logo it´s “ideal”, it probably was in the 50´s and 60´s when  housewives were sewing hemlines and men wore  turn-ups on their trousers, to make a little pocket money, now it´s sewing on Nike labels in a sweatshop in Asia, so probably not “ideal” for those that have to work (slave) in those environments-Thailand taught me about how lucky we are to live in the west!

Another  Tamron 10-24mm photo this one and I just love this lens for the intentionally distorted angles you can get with it when you want, it´s not called Ultra-Wide for nothing!

Some say this lens is great for landscapes and Vistas-I don´t agree (personal opinion) I think it works great for getting up close and personal-architecture for example – and people, so long as you know them and they don´t mind you getting in their face. Landscapes and Vistas have never really worked well with this lens for me-but then maybe i´m doing something wrong!

Tech Stuff: Canon 50D, f/22, 1/20 sec  handheld, ISO 100 Tamron 10-24mm @ 11mm. CEP Glamour Glow filter.


4 thoughts on “An Ideal Piece Of Equipment For A Seamstress

  1. I agree with Brandon…the tones in this shot are great. Well done!
    ps. Those super wides work really well for landscapes when you get down low to the ground…they really emphasize depth that way!

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