Why Photography Is Good For Home Decor

This Gecko candle light shade is about a metre long and resides at the top of our stairs. We use a lot of candlelight in our house, to create a more gentle ambience, so out came the Tamron 10-24mm. Silvia had fallen asleep in front of the telly and the little one was tucked up in bed, so what better opportunity to sneak around in the dead of night using a  favoured lens, so well suited for photographing rooms and interiors. In any case I need the practice!

This image originally was on the vertical, so i flipped it horizontal and added some Tonemapping and then CEP´s Bi-Color filter. The Tone mapping gave it some texture, the wall definitely has it´s own texture-rough!!!

Our house has white walls in just about every room, which is great for ambient lighting but some times the house just cries out for COLOUR! I like this combination of colours but don´t want the permanence of paint. So I figure it´s a trip to the local lighting store for some LED spotlights and some see through coloured film and bingo, coloured wall when I want it, whitewall when I don´t!  So this will be my next interior design project, if I had´nt taken the image in the first place it would never have occurred to me!

Canon 50D, f/18, 0.6 sec, Tamron 10-24mm@14mm, Handheld,Photomatix Tonalmapping, CEP Bi-Color Filter.


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