Five Hours Free

Today, i´ve had Five hours free. A really lovely day, Intended to photograph something i had seen a couple of weeks ago, but of course all the conditions have changed, there´s no water cascading down the waterfall, (even if it is only a  little waterfall).

I was getting a little morose, when positive thinking  burst in out of the clear blue yonder. “Come on Adrian, stop whining, get your gear together and go to plan B, (all photographers should have a “plan B”), I however, on this occasion did not, so my plan B , was making it up as i go along! –just about got away with it, I guess!?

I saw this funny place with a Cupola on it on the way back to the house, I found a little place big enough to park the car. (If the Guardia Civil had come along, I would´ve got a ticket, however up here in the mountains, where the Guardia Civil don´t dare to venture –  strong Republican sentiment here, definitely left of centre and not great lovers of any type of policemen)!  Had to check it out!

I did some handhelds- this is one processed ultimately in Silver Efex pro (SEP) – a tripod ain´t good for everything, sometimes when the spirit moves you………leave the tripod in the car!

f/16, 1/80sec, ISO200, Tamron 10-24mm, @15mm


4 thoughts on “Five Hours Free

  1. Best laid plans of mice and men, right? I know the feeling well. I had something similar happen the other weekend. Had all afternoon to wander and shoot and nothing worked out. I just had to take a deep breath and remind myself the hobby shouldn’t be stressful and just enjoy the time. But it looks as though you had a great find in the end. The more sepia works so well here.

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