The Last “Plan B” photo- It´s Time To Move On

Well, time to move on, a delightful  Little walk down this lane and i became aware of piles of stones everywhere, like sentinels watching every move I made. The further I got, the more stones I encountered, then I came upon this beauty, while setting up the shot a fellow that I know from sight (not by name) stopped and said “you´re from Jalon are´nt you! I said well, yes but I live in Sagra at the bottom of the valley now. And I know your face!

I asked him if he had done all the (Buddhist, I think) stone sculptures (for that´s what they are) and he said no – Rafa has done it-ah that would explain it then -who the hell is Rafa, anyway! With that he picked up his wheelbarrow full of wood and disappeared down the lane.

Funny lane this,because  I met four fella´s going about they´re business, all had long hair in pony tails- the spirit of ´69 lives on in some places I guess!

3 Bracket HDR with tone mapping-Photomatix

f/4.5, ISO 100,Tamron 10-24 @ 15mm


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