Why AF Points Are So Important

No photography this Sunday- a bike trip with my best Harley buddy, Enrique,into the mountains, to the beautiful Vall De Ebo. Incredible views, So much so that next Sunday i´m going up there to take photographs. Sometimes the simplest pleasures bring the best ideas, (if we had´nt taken a ride up there i´d never have seen it)!

Now, this photograph has some very obvious mistakes in it ( I just cannot like it) and i´ve been looking at it for two weeks now thinking  “I can´t put this up, what will my fellow bloggers think”, but then I got to thinking, “it may be of use to someone as an example of how concentrated one should be when setting up a shot”! It´s not as if this place is ´gonna up and run away- I had all the time in the world to check and double check my settings, so why on earth did I neglect to set my AF Selection to automatic rather than manual! The DOF thing works best in the background not the foreground (in my opinion-but of course rules are made to be broke!) except when the subject happens to be in the middle of the frame, as David´s post from today aptly shows!

So this post is for all those photobloggers out  there who are not experts but want to be, (like myself). Composition is not a panacea (had to look that up in the dictionary) in itself, it´s not just about what you see, it´s just a part of the general picture, so to speak, it goes hand in hand with some technical considerations as well-so for me checking, double checking and double double checking my settings is probably a rule I should´nt consider breaking!

f/22, 1sec, ISO100, Sigma 70-300mm @190mm (Macro enabled).


5 thoughts on “Why AF Points Are So Important

  1. Thank you for the mention and, sometimes, rules are MEANT to be broken especially in photography! I am glad you decided to post this image, the DoF is simply wonderful! I really like this image Adrian. 😀

  2. I agree with David. I like the image too Adrian. However, I see where you are coming from. So many shots I have lost to simple mistakes like having the wrong setting on my camera due to buttons being pushed or dials being moved from my camera shuffling about my bag while traveling.

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