Silkworm, The Most Common Search Term On My Blog

The most common search term on my blog is “silkworm”, I don´t know why it is an almost daily occurance, either someone´s got a thing for them or it happens to be the fashion at the moment! The only post I have posted was of a silkworm moth my daughter nurtured a couple of years ago (see it here), so I feel duty-bound to show a silkworm caterpillar before it morphs into a moth.And folks thought that the movie “Aliens” was rad, it´s happening right here on Earth everyday, luckily they are all too small to threaten the crew of spaceship Earth-I hope!

In case someone out there is looking for info on Silkworms: They spend about six weeks as a caterpillar,gorging themselves on Mullberry leaves, before weaving a cocoon, they then emerge from the cocoon a couple of weeks later and lay their eggs.They´ve got wings but don´t fly and then they die-what a life!

Please excuse the quality of the photo as it was taken way back in my training days of early 2010!

f/7.1, 1/30 sec, ISO 100, Canon EF-S 60mm Macro


11 thoughts on “Silkworm, The Most Common Search Term On My Blog

  1. Ha! Isn’t it weird to see your most common search term. Mine is “hobo signs.” which are doodles homeless people draw on stuff around the city. And like you, I had posted ONE photo of that search term. Nearly every day I get one though. Great “Silkworm”! The close up really does point to something extraterrestrial.

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  3. “Training days” or not, Adrian, its a nice photo – I especially like the way the caterpillar’s body enters the top of the frame and moves down towards lower right, and then abruptly turns left across the photo’s center – its almost presenting itself to the camera. Adrian

  4. This is a really interesting treatment of a very small subject, Adrian. The angle from which you chose to shoot makes it all the more dramatic, as it enters the frame from above.

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