Living On The Edge Of Hell´s Canyon

I left the house this morning at 7.00 am in order to get up here by sun-up, my sunrise/sunset chart gives a time of 7.19 am and the sun arrived dead on cue. This is the vall De Ebo, a large expanse of nothingness except a deep canyon called the Barranc Del Inferno, roughly translated from Valenciano, it´s name is Hell´s Canyon.

Today´s post is a shot of a Granja (farm) who´s land is perched almost on the edge of the canyon, just out of shot camera right and the subject of tomorrows post.

To the back of me was the road and sheer rock face and I had just set up the camera and tripod on a viewing area (of the Barranc Del Infern) when I became aware of a heated conversation between a man and a woman, I thought some people were behind me, turned around-no-one there, there was just that old rockface, looked down into the Barranc for some climbers-again no one there, so the direction the discussion must have been coming from the Granja  below-and it was about one kilometer away and 50 meters below, as the crow flies (or falls- it was way, way, down)! It was quite surreal!

Spain has a reputation for being the noisiest country in Europe and if this woman´s voice was anything to go by it is a well deserved reputation! Her commands to”put that on top” carried right across the valley, but then again a voice like  that is to be expected if you live on the edge of Hell´s Canyon!

I gave this shot a little bit of CEP´s Glamour Glow filter as the whole situation  was a little bit weird, especially the Sun coming up above the mountain behind the Granja (camera left) and lighting just that little spot of land where the Almond trees are, everything else around is just shrubland!

f/11, 1/13sec, Canon 18-200m@80mm Tripod, Color Efex Pro  filters,


3 thoughts on “Living On The Edge Of Hell´s Canyon

  1. The noisiest place in my experience was the town of Carmona on a sunday morning when all the men met in little groups in the main square and competed with each other to be heard in their various conversations.

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