Barranc Del Infern, 8.04 AM Sunday Morning

A  view of  the Barranc  Del Infern  (Hell´s Canyon) from Sunday´s little outing. Yesterday´s post featured a farm which is situated a little way´s up from the top  mid-left of the frame, camera left- up there where you can see the trees.

My daughter´s birthday falls on the 13th of March-24 hours before mine ( when she was born 8 years ago I had the best birthday present of my life) but the wife tells me she´s spent up on the credit card for Sophie´s birthday presents so there´s nothing left for me ( i´m used to that) but I am going to treat myself to a Samsung  Galaxy  Note so that I can Geo-Tag my landscape Photography  (and if there´s anything left i´ve got my eye on a new EF lens)!

Chores! After reviewing some of  Sunday´s photo´s this morning I had the lovely task of Sensor and lens cleaning- oh how I love that task on a Monday morning! But better to get it done though, than spend ages with the healing brush tool! I recommend Visible Dust´s Arctic Butterfly-worth checking them out! One more Barranc Del Infern post to come for tomorrow´s post before I move on.

F/4, 1/10 sec, ISO 100, Canon 18-200mm@35mm, ND4, Tripod


5 thoughts on “Barranc Del Infern, 8.04 AM Sunday Morning

  1. Such light…marvellous.. For me though I find the brightness and gold/greenness in the bottom right hand corner too distracting. My eyes keep getting drawn to it and I weant to look at the cool blue !

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