Waiting For Mama, Or in Cat Language “Where´s My Lunch”

After moving on from the Barranc Del Infern and the Vall De Ebo and missing a great shot due to there being absolutely nowhere to park on the road safely, I came thru the villages of Patró, Margarida and Bennisiva.

All these inland villages are great places to visit or stay for a few days, the locals are so friendly and you get the impression that they´ve seen it all, in the bars you could be dressed in a Peter Pan outfit and they would´nt even blink, just ask you what you would like as refreshment:  café, vino,cerveza ó hierbas!

The people here are “simpatico” which has no English translation- I suppose it would be the same as a waiter saying “ how can I serve you” and “have a nice day”. The coast on the other hand is more Antipatico-more like “i´m a waiter but serving you is really spoiling my day, so I want a big tip for not serving you” and a false smile with “come back soon” just to add insult to injury!

Hardly suprising then, that inland areas´s have seen an 80% increase in tourism in the last 2 years!- Right on!

This was the route me and Enrique took the week before on our Milwaukee Irons but we stopped in Patró for our Carajillo´s. I decided to stop in Bennissiva last Sunday to have my carrajillo, for those that don´t know what a Carrajillo is it is a super strong black coffee with a dash of Whiskey or Brandy in it, a couple of Coffee beans floating around in it, and the Alcohol is ignited and burnt off before you drink it-freaky stuff!

My friend Juan who has a bar in Jalon say´s : in England, breakfast consits of: Egg, Bacon, Tomatoes,Beans and Sausages- in Spain it´s a carrajillo! Result: the same, you´ll like it, your heart doctor won´t!  Once a week is safe,once a day is asking for trouble!

I thought I was done for the  day photographically speaking, but no, this butch cat was waiting for lunch, Mama who looked to be in her 80´s came out and poured the left-overs in the gutter- Big Black Cat Without A Tail went for it in a big way! Had to get a shot of him- I wonder where he left his tail,he looked hungry enough to have eaten it!

So what´s the blue bleach bottle doing there you might ask, well if you put a plastic bottle (clear) with water in it it stops the dogs pissing on your doorstep- it works, I ve got one outside my doorstep. I imagine however this old girl has found that pouring bleach on said offending dogs works better than pouring water on them.- Blue bottle means Bleach-Bleach means bad smell that lasts for days-which in turn means-don´t go near it.

Cconclusion: Old girl knows a whole lot more than we might credit her for!


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