Bridge Over The Riu Gerona

Funny how we travel  over bridges every day without thinking what they may be constructed of, or indeed why they were constructed. This bridge is a classic river bridge with the main supports rounded to take less load from the flow of water of a fast flowing river.

Well, i´ve been here 20 years and i´ve never seen much of a river to this day, of course when you arrive in a country as a young shavetail,  who really is´nt interested in what´s happening below the bridge you´re hardly going to take a sneek peek over the bridge to watch the river meandering below, especially if like me you grew up on a major river like the river Thames!

I don´t think there is going to be any flash floods along here any time soon, last time was 2008,and that was  a  serious flash flood, but only `cos it rained like a monsoon for five days!

The riverbed is full of sunbleached rocks and i found a shell fossil yesterday , which i gave to my Sophie to add to her collection, i really don´t think she understood the significance of it but maybe one day she will!

This view is South-ish, Tomorrow sun-up i´ll be heading North-ish to the dam that hardly anyone knows about, about 2km from here and thru a tunnel under the mountain, this  tunnel has been cut thru by hand years ago- no machines did this, and there is a colony of big,big bats that live in there ,i don´t do crucifixes so i´m hoping to Bat talk my way thru to the other side. Hope my Spanish is good enough!

After that it´s a stiff climb up a Dam wall!  At 7:00 am tomorrow, we´ll find out if i have the “Cojones” , if i don´t,  well  i´ll be doing Flower Photography for a year and a day- and i´ll eat my hat!


9 thoughts on “Bridge Over The Riu Gerona

  1. Another beauty. This one looks like Photomatix might have struggled a bit with the alignment at the bottom of the left piling – looks like there’s a bit of movement. Did you have the alignment option turned on?

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