Scouting Around For Some Inspiration

It can sometimes be very difficult to motivate oneself when it comes to creativity-especially photography, we always feel that we must create something better than what went before-for me this is a big mistake, i can´t get better than what is here on offer- i don´t have to travel for an hour to find something worth photographing (although that´s half the fun of it)- this is from the dry riverbed, the so called Rio Girona- except it is a Rio in name only, i cant remember the last time i saw any water in it- It´s just  about  1.5 km  from my front door!

I had originally intended to do some scouting around for Monday morning-(a public Holiday for us in Spain- San Jose!), but ended up taking just about all the images i want from this place, luckily i have a plan “b” and “C” for Monday!

Plan “B” may be a little risky, so i´m gonna have to tread carefully and SMS or call  the missus when i´m there- just so everyone knows where i am!  And plan “C“ is one little photo on the way home and mission accomplished!


9 thoughts on “Scouting Around For Some Inspiration

  1. Beautiful tones in this; love the low angle and the sun. I tried cropping off the top to leave twice as much land as sky and that was gorgeous too. Nice job 😀

    • Good point,Hellen, I like to revisit my photos at a later date so including as much as possible works for me but thanks for the suggestion-always welcome and much appreciated on my part!

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