The Dam Of L´Isbert

Yesterday was San Jose and is a public holiday here. I set off not too early to the tunnel to the Presa (Dam) de L´Isbert this is a real oddity of a Dam, just a blockage between to rock faces in a gorge really.

To get there you have to walk through a man-made tunnel hewn out of the mountain and it´s quite eerie and a torch is definately needed.Once through the tunnel there is a kilometre walk  along a track which splits in two just before the Dam-the last time i was here some15 years ago you could take the lefthand track wich takes you right a long the side cliff face to a viewing point, unfortunately it´s now been gated off with “Danger” and ”Do Not Enter” signs everywhere so it´s obviously unsafe and being alone (or so i thought at the time) i decided to get to the base of the Dam. That too looked pretty risky so i climbed over the boulders to get as close as i dared to the base.

I had my Tamron 10-24 wide angle set up on a tripod for these 3 bracket HDR shots at f/8, and even compensating for the distorted view you get some idea of size of it all, top left is a walkway to the dam it´s about 10 metres long from the left-hand cliff face. These shots are of the Dam in front and the other two with the Dam at my back. In the middle of all taking these shots i heard the voices of two men and their  footfall along the cliff pass (obviously they could´nt read all the danger signs posted around the site)! The place is one huge echo chamber, so I did´nt call out to them as i remember while Rock-Climbing as a kid in Austria my climbing instructors always said never shout in an enclosed space like this for fear of starting a rock slide. (shouting a warning to fellow climbers that rock debris is coming down is O.K. though)!

The colony of Bats in the tunnel that were here last time seem to have gone, probably because they got fed up with people with torches lighting them up all the time. I got back just in time before it bucketed down- it has´nt stopped raining since and the power has been going on and off since yesterday afternoon plays hell with uploads!

I added Geodata to images EXIF using the program geosetter and and you can see a  satelite view of the area on google maps here.

Tamron 10-24 Ultra-Wide @20mm f/8 Photomatix


8 thoughts on “The Dam Of L´Isbert

  1. That’s a pretty fantastic looking spot. That walk way in the top image looks a little precarious. So tell me, just how long is this totally dark tunnel that you use to access this damn? And, what kind of local wildlife do you have over there? A tunnel (looks more like a cave to me) around here would leave me expecting a bear to be hanging out in there…

    • Our wildlife here is no where near like as dramatic as the wilds of Canada Mike, and if this entrance was in any other part of the world that was not Western Europe i´d be going the other way – very fast!

  2. You have excelled yourself with these shots Adrian..truly awesome and I use that word advisedly.. Pity there were no bats but hey you can’t have everything 😉

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