Photography Block-Not A Lack Of Inspiration-A Lack Of Information

I´ve been trawling the Net for local places of interest to photograph- the so called websites around here are an absolute abomination, this is an area of outstanding beauty with incredible places, but when you try to find out any information- it is just not there- in Spanish a “Una Vergüenza”, or rough translation: “an embarassment”!

Just to put things into perspective, i´ve come to realise with photography, prior  planning  is one of the essential keys to getting an image that ½ a million tourists don´t get, that and being prepared to go where others fear to tread, (well a slight exaggeration, but you know where i´m coming from).

Across the valley from this very room where  i´m writing this from, is the “ Cuevas De Calaveras” or “Skull Cave”,  so i´m thinking that could be a project for this weekend-and my daughter would love it, we as a family could all benefit- me for some lowlight cave photography  ( the caves at Nerja in Andalucia are something to see, and very challenging from a photographic point of view and after that i could do with the practice!) also good for the wife, to combat her claustrophobia and other phobias, that seem to disappear when she´s in the local shopping mall, let´s face it a shopping mall is a massive cave with designer labels!- And great for Sophie to learn some Geology, Archeology, Earth Science etc!

Back to the first paragraph, can i get any info on this place – can i heck, no-one answers the ´phone – don´t know if i´m allowed to take ´photo´s, use flash, bring tripod-nothing, the website has 2 bad images taken from a mobile ´phone one metre inside the cave, and 20 images of the bar and souvenir shop outside the cave!

Hey guys  i´d just like to take some cool images of the inside of the cave, which i´d freely donate so people might like to come and take a look!  No-ones going to come if there are´nt any pictures!!!!!

All this from a region that professes to want to promote an alternative type of tourism,yeah right!  Oi, folks, stop laying around on the beach turning Lobster red and check out the mountains, any idiot can get a sunburn!

That of my chest, heres a macro of an Acorn husk on a bit of blue slate taken December 2011 with some CEP filter added. Because i have´nt taken anything new for tonite-sorry!!!

f/14, 1/2 sec, ISO 100, Canon EF-S 60mm Macro.


3 thoughts on “Photography Block-Not A Lack Of Inspiration-A Lack Of Information

  1. Hmm.. It’s true there is nothing quite like a photographic expedition but I think some of my best shots have arguably been taken within 5 miles or so of where I live..

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