A Jellical cat – TS Eliot Has A lot To Answer For

My Sophie´s cat has a good life, it rip´s my sofa to bits when it wants to go out-when it does  go out it gets stuck on the neighbours roof, i then have to to knock on my neighbours door in the morning to retrieve said domestic animal, tuck it under my arm and carry it to the house! it promptly eats, goes to sleep on my favoured spot on the sofa and farts every 5 minutes- and all this without so much as a thank you from it, it hates me and i have the bite marks to prove it, next time i´m gonna bite back! The only reason it still lives here is it´s my daughters cat and is very photogenic- otherwise it would be living in the street with all the other cats- making it´s way in the world is not it´s forte-so Timba, you´re on probation, no more adventures requiring a rescue team to get you out and no more farting in my living space O.K.!

f/4.5, 1/15 sec, ISO 1000, Canon 50mm, CEP filter,handheld

7 thoughts on “A Jellical cat – TS Eliot Has A lot To Answer For

  1. Wow, Adrian, my friend, this is an >>>extremely beautiful shot! You have a small highlight in the eye, and the restrained colour palette, the cat’s attitude and posture, and the quite substantial amount of blurriness, all work together perfectly! It might ber marginally improved by making the striped items top right a little less prominent, eg by darkening, or making less focused. But this is certainly up there with your best! I’m going to reblog it. Adrian

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