Moon Glow and The ISS

On clear cloudless nights i always spend a little time on the roof terrace to look at the night sky, i´ve always been amazed at how every time that you look at the stars it seems like your seeing them for the first time- each time is as awe inspiring as the night before.

Tonight  was no exception but with the added bonus of having the Moon and the ISS visually in close proximity to one another-just a coincidence that i went up to the roof terrace at the right time.

Being higher than the street lights in the town below and the Moon being just a little higher in the night sky and above the mountain on the edge of the village, there is no light pollution, so it´s quite good for Astral photography, my only regret is i don´t own a 400mm+ lens, so the Sigma 70-300mm will have to do.

f/18, 2.5 sec, ISO 400, Sigma 70-300mm@300mm,Tripod, SOOC


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