The Cat Ain´t The Main Issue In This Post

This post is´nt about the Cat you see here (from previous posts you´ll know we have our issues) it´s actually about the lens i´m using!

The Sigma DG 70-300mm is what i´m on about, i´ve mentioned this lens in previous posts , how frustratingly difficult this one is to use, but i think i´ve gained some insight this afternoon, you really have to get all the parameters right with this lens and if you have a Canon camera you´ll almost certainly have to do some lens micro adjustment. -2 does for me!

It´s a super cheap lens, i suspect because it´s not so easy to use but it can produce some halfway decent images if used right-using it right is the big question-how to, well i think trying to use it as a telephoto is out of the question-about 3-5 meters or so works O.K and Macro enabled at 1.5 meters is good but 2 meters better.

The cat, (taken on my roof) in late afternoon at f/5.6, 1/250 sec, at ISO 800,@86mm came out O.K i think, a pretty sharp image for handheld. At pretty high ISO, i´ve noticed this lens does better than EF-S lenses. The lens comes without any Image Stabilisation but handheld is pretty good. No significant noise and the colors are all pretty much faithful to actual. In fact they are exactly faithfull to actual! I only adjusted the sharpness in Canon´s DPP software- no PS or anything else, so for SOOC it´s pretty good i think.

I think at 5.6 and at around 4-5 meters you can at least get something decent handheld.

The Macro (closeup) function ain´t bad either (see below)but not a patch on my beloved Canon EF-S 60mm macro but good for live subjects where you can´t get in too close for fear of freaking the itty-bitty critters out!

I´ll be upgrading to the 5DMKII in the next three weeks or so (5D MKIII out of my price range) but  i´ll be hanging on to my 50D and the Sigma DG for a while yet!

f/5.6, 1/250 sec, ISO 800,86mm, Handheld, late afternoon light-no cloud, SOOC


6 thoughts on “The Cat Ain´t The Main Issue In This Post

  1. I love this photograph Adrian.. the most beautiful tones.. I envy you that roof 😀 Interesting post too. I have a Nikon camera and a 55-300mm Nikkor lens and it takes a bit of handling too!!

    • I´m going for the MKII because it´s half price of the MKIII (€1770 as compared to €3000) i´d rather have the MKII and some new lenses than the MKIII and one lens, ha,ha! The MKII is flying of the shelves, I can´t walk in and buy it,i have to order up to a week before!

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