The Montgó From The Alabaster Quarry At Tormos

I was´nt entirely sure where i was headed this morning, i donned my hiking boots and headed for our neighbouring town of Tormos, about a kilo and a half from Sagra, I pass by a billboard here  everyday which has an arrow pointing to the mountain, telling of a picnic area of natural beauty just  500m from the road. So i start up the track only to find that there´s a big metal gate permanently locked, so this particular area of natural beauty is out of bounds for walking folk such as myself-well this is Spain after all!

I was bitterly disappointed but decided to carry on to the village of Tormos anyway, then i came across a road about 50m further on that seemed to lead up to the mountain and oblivion! I followed the track, oblivion i did,nt find (thankfully) but the mountain i did.

I´d left both the tri and monopod behind and i´m glad i did, as to get to the abandoned Marble quarry (i did´nt know it was there) requires both hands and feet climbing to get to.

This is where my Lowepro Slingshot really comes into it´s own and after  climbing some loose scree i came upon this small Alabaster(Marble) quarry, obviously abandoned for many years, with huge chunks of marble lying all over the place, the ground was pure Marble and as level as a pool table, very weird walking on something that normally is in your kitchen and especially as it is the size of a large Squash court. I remember when i first came here 20 odd years ago, hearing explosions from time to time – i now know where they originated from!

Normally when exploring abandoned places there is always some litter such as cans bottles and other unmentionable trash left by  casual human visitations, not so this place (due to it´s inaccesability, i guess) just the rusty and decayed remnants of the tools and equipment that was used to mine this quarry.

I have never seen so many insects and flowers as are here, the Bees are unusual in their pollen pods on their legs- never seen them before- bright red and huge(you´ll see them in the next posts) it´s almost as if there´s a unique little eco-zone here untoched by humanity (´till i came along)!

The views here are spectacular, this one is of the Montgó on the coast, the smaller (hillock)i don´t know it´s name but is just outside of the town Pedreguer. The haze comes from the agriculturists burning off the deadwood, oranges are the name of the game here,each valley is different-here Oranges, Vall De laguart-Cherries, Vall dePop-Grapes, here we live in micro-climates.

I took 188 photo´s of which probably 10 i´m happy so i have enough for this week´s wordpress but the question now is ” what am i going to do for next Sunday”?

The Google map location is here , for those that may be interested and Camera details are as follows:

f/8,1/500 sec, ISO 160,Sigma 70-300mm@149mm


10 thoughts on “The Montgó From The Alabaster Quarry At Tormos

  1. WOW … this is great. I really love your photos. Thank you so much for posting the settings you use. For beginners (like myself), it really is a tremendous learning tool. 😀

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