View From A Roof Terrace

I dont want to get lazy, but i just can´t get enough of these mountain views from my roof terrace(tomorrow morning-Sunday, i´m up early, hiking boots on , cam gear and Tri and take a little stroll up a mountain track just outside the village-should be back at lunchtime if i´m lucky,i need to keep walking fit and do some physical exercise don´t want to be  a couch potato-can´t be dealing with that)!

Brandon Brasseaux commented on my last post that i may have” found the sweet spot on this lens” and that got me thinking, why stop there ,why  not go thru all the lenses i have, EF-S,EF, Tamrons, Sigma´s et al-i have a mission!

I have a Tamron 28-75 on the way and i´ll be upgrading to the 5D MKII in 10 days or so, so i better get know my lenses and it will help to make the Easter weekend a little less boring than previous years! This is treated with CEP´s Bi-Color filter, just to make it a little more dramatic, the SOOC version works too!

This shot i had thought about cropping panorama but in the end i like houses down below, just to give it all some perspective, that´s a big Sierra there across the valley- not one peak but three,we,are looking at it edge on, it runs almost to the sea.

The insallation in the middle peak , is, i think a weather or geographical station it,s painted red and white so low flying aeroplanes don´t crash into it, although you could argue that if they are flying  that low they´ll crash into the mountain anyway!

f/5.6, 1/2500 sec, ISO 250, Sigma DG 70-300mm@108mm. Handheld


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