Alabaster Quarry, Tormos- Pais Valencia


I´m continuing the Alabaster quarry theme for the next 2 or three posts, tonite´s post is the quarry and the next two will be “wildlife and Nature” and “the Land From Above”. Tonite´s images have been treated with Photomatix.

I spent a couple of hours here on Sunday, (Ah, sweet solitude)! Time to survey the scene unhurried, and just take in everything around, i tried to imagine who worked here and how they got the fruits of their labour down to the valley floor below, i guess they must have worked everything by hand up here, cutting the Alabaster in slices then taking it down by hand (or mule, no heavy machinery could get up here)! I imagine this method of production became unprofitable or unsustainable so the quarry was abandoned, i looked all around but could´nt see any other track that would give access to the quarry, although there is a fairly new urbanisation closeby that could be covering a track up to here.

GPS Location here. (Approximate)

Tamron 10-24mm, f /8

5 thoughts on “Alabaster Quarry, Tormos- Pais Valencia

    • It´s well worth the visit René, the views are amazing so take your camera. i´ve been here 24 years and discover new places all the time, the Marina Alta is truly a beautiful and suprising area of Spain,we´re lucky to live here!

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