The Land From Above

The last of the Alabaster quarry theme, this shot is of the valley floor, i like the patterns that the Almond, Olive and Orange trees make on the lay of the land, you just can´t see it at ground level. As humans we can see depth, ie, far and near, we have a good periferal view, i.e  wide and narrow but if you add altitude as well, it adds a whole new perspective to our  world, imagine being able to look at your surroundings from three different perspectives  instead of just the two!- Now that would be really 3D, not the cinema 3D virtuality thing we have now!

One of my favorite photographer´s is Yann Arthus-Bertrand who has done some great images of our world from above that most of us don´t see, his  book/Calender is worth checking out it´s called “Earth From Above”. For me, photography is more than pretty pictures on a wall, it ´s about recording our precious world of which we only have one of, and when that´s gone we´ll have about 5 minutes to look at the pretty pictures on the wall before we all disappear!

All the camera settings,Lenses Etc. are as the last two previous posts.


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