Wildlife and Nature-Red Pollen Bee @ N38º48´18.15-W0º04´15.46



Continuing with the “Alabaster quarry @ tormos” theme, right around here these pink flowers were everywhere (´fraid I have no idea what they are called). The ground around the quarry was carpeted with them, on every shrub were twenty or so of these Bees, so a rough estimate means there were thousands of them!  I´ ve never seen bees with these red pollen sacs before, there are plenty of beekeepers around my village Sagra but those bees have normal sized yellow pollen sacs. I´m assuming of course, they are wild bee´s.

I´ve looked at some of the beekeeping forums on google but all the people sweem to be asking “what type of be they are, as they´ve seen one or two in their hives”, one or two? Up here there´s a whole colony of them! I´m assuming the red pollen comes from these plants. I´ve included the GPS data in the title in case it can bee (excuse the pun!) of any use as a point of reference to any beekeepers that might inadvertently come across this post!

I sat in amongst them and they were´nt at all bothered by my presence and I perfectly at home with so many Bee´s around me, normally, if I had been aware of so many Bee´s so close I woud have given the place a wide berth, but these little guy´s just got on with what they do best which is being busy little bees!

I used my Sigma DG 70-300mm lens with macro enabled (200-300mm) for this, handheld, all the images are SOOC. Google maps location can be found Here.

Sigma DG 70-300mm, f/5.6,  1/640 sec, ISO100


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