Cami Murtas Barranco – Flora

All these images are from last weekend in the mountains taken with the 50D, however, already i can see a marked difference ( image quality) in comparison to my new toy (5D MKII). I have a soft spot for the 50D and shall be keeping hold of it and taking photographs with it for the forseeable future.  Believe it or not it has some advantages over the 5D in respect of the lenses i have:

(1) There will always be some occasions when an EF-S 18-200mm lens will be more advantageous than three lenses with the same focal range.(2) After giving the Credit Card a severe beating with my recent lens, accessory and camera purchases, buying a  decent  Macro lens is out of the question until next year-so i´ll have to stick with the EF-S 60mm!

Tommorrow we go to a Craft Fair across the valley, which is being held in front of the Cueva de calaveras (Skull Cave) in Benidolieg, so if the entry fee is not too exorbitant i might get a chance to test out the 5D´s lowlight capabilities.

The heavens opened today and dumped a ton of rain on us, so if you don´t see any cave pictures in the coming day´s it´s because we´re all hunkered down in the house and house photo´s will be the order of the day!

I have no idea what these plants  names are, the purple one reminds me of something made of tissue paper, the petals are so crinkly, so i´ll call it “Crinkly”. The green one attracts an incredible amount of insects, the only reason they are not there in this image is because i had to get so close, they all flew away! It has an vaguely Amoebic or Plankton like feel for me, so i´ll call it “Plankton Plant” and the last is obviously natural decay so i guess it could be classed as “Skeletal Remains”.

All images: Tamron 28-75mm, f/2.8, ISO 100, 1/1000 – 1/1250 sec.


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