Sunrise or Sunset

Actually it´s a sunrise, i just added a bit of Saturation to make it look like a sunset.There are at least three parts that need some work, clue: where land meets sky, any ideas to get around this would be well appreciated!

5D MK II,Tamron 28-75mm,@30mm, f/5.6, 1/1000 sec, ISO 160


8 thoughts on “Sunrise or Sunset

  1. i think it looks pretty spectacular too 🙂 good job. and i cant really tell the difference between sunrise and sunset.. im rarely up early enough to catch a sunrise haha

  2. Gorgeous colors in that sky. This is actually how most of our sunrises look. There is little mistaking our sunsets which are usually obnoxiously orange. I really think the image is great, Adrian, but I think if you wanted to revise, getting the silhouette of the land a bit darker might give you a sharper ridge line. Maybe a levels mask on just the land?

    • I sometimes find it difficult to be objective of my own work ( you would´nt believe the amount of times i feel unsure as to whether i should post or not). the gripe i have with myself on this one, is the cloning out of TV ariels where the land meets the sky, i keep thinking photoshop dab hands like you and Brandon are gonna think “he could´ve done that a bit better” LOL!

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