Cueva de las Calveras

Canon EOS 5D MKII, f/5.6, 1/4 sec, ISO 1000, Tamron 10-24mm@24mm.

f/5.6, 1/13 sec, ISO 3200, Tamron 10-24mm@24mm.

f/5.6,1/4 sec, ISO 1000, Tanmron 10-24mm@24mm.

The cave at Benidoleig is about 300m long, and costs €3.50 Adults (€2.00 for kids under 12 years) to enter (quite reasonable)  and you can come out and go back in as many times in a day as you like ( i don´t know if that´s official policy but it was on Sunday with us)! It´s called the Cueva de las Calaveras (Skull Cave) because some 200 years ago,  explorers/archeologists/Cavers  of their time, discovered a small passageway just big enough for a human to enter,leading off of the main cave, in it was discovered a skull with bones arranged around it in an ordered fashion, these early cave dwellers must have revered this particular individual i suppose, as a Tribal leader, i suppose you would call it an early form of a tomb! The original bones had been removed to the museum in Alcoy many years ago.

Interestingly there are no cave paintings here, unlike many other sites in the locality. The cave dates back to more than 50,000 years B.C. Some of the chambers are 20m high.

I was´nt able to take in too much info about this cave as it was a Sunday and the place was full of people so did´nt have much time to read the blurb that was stuck on the cave walls. The main image was taken about 10 meters before an entourage of about 20 people, were heading this way, so i had to work quick before being swamped by an ever encroaching tide of tourists! As you can imagine a Tripod was completely out of the question, so i had to follow my instincts with the new 5D MK II, actually it´s not unlike the 50D and you have to approach everything in roughly the same way. It´s just some buttons are on the other side compared to the 50D which takes a bit of getting used to, i´ve probably not had more than 30 hours total practice time with the 5D, so i was quite pleased with the lowlight results from Sunday´s outing, especially as it was all handheld. I Have discovered one thing though: the Tamron 10-24mm Ultrawide is not designed with full frame sensor in mind, so think more like 14-24mm, but then again there´s not a great deal of times when i would need a focus of 10mm anyway-i can live with 14mm!

You can find GPS location here.


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