Village fair @ Cuevas de las Calaveras, Benidoleig.


After probing deep into the cave last Sunday, we came out and took a table by the local Embutidos stall (Embutidos, are locally made sausages and meat products,apologies for the vegetarians amongst you)! So me and the missus are sitting here eating some great sausages and sampling some local wine, when one by one, some hippy friends (potters,Jewellery makers,Clowns, Etc)  turn up for the occasion, folks we have´nt seen in 10 years or so, it was marvellous! Moving back to this valley was the best move we´ve made in years, we Should have done it years ago!

I took a little walk midday today, scouting around for possible shoot  locations, not sure, but i think i might have found an interesting shoot for Sunday-we´ll see!  My Samsung Galaxy is invaluable for getting some pre-location shots- just to see if it´s worth lugging my gear all the way down there!

I´m a little bit unhappy with the GPS Apps i´ve found on Android though- i want dead reckoning, not “within 50 meters”. My last phone put everything within 1 meter! Can´t geo tag to within 50 meters!

These images are all 5D MK II with the Tamron 28-75mm


3 thoughts on “Village fair @ Cuevas de las Calaveras, Benidoleig.

  1. Another great series Adrian, and I’m with Mike about that first image. The pattern really helps make this shot. I have the newest Samsung Galaxy and haven’t any problems with the default Google Maps or Google Nav. I’ve actually been surprised with how spot on it is (at least on this side of the ocean).

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