La Lonja, Denia, Sunday-Earth Day

My plans for Sunday´s shoot were  scuppered- by a small bee. A normally event free ride on the Harley to open the shop in Jalon on Saturday morning is usually a doddle,but  crossing the bridge at Tormos, i rode into a Bee storm- and i mean a storm, one or two hitting you is normal but Saturday had me hitting 20 in one go, i had my goggles on –  not my riding glasses-big mistake, i got hit right between the eyes-not enough to be dangerous, but enough to make me stop and check everything was alright in the mirror-hurt like hell and my face was aching for an hour afterward but then the pain went away so i thought nothing of it. I went to bed early in order to get an early Sunday start but i awoke with the distinct feeling something was´nt quite right – i could´nt understand why i could see my cheek and my forhead at the same time – without looking in the mirror! One of those Bee´s must´ve stung me between the eyes, because i had a big lump there and my face was all swole up, i looked like something out of a horror movie!

So i busied myself, Sunday with tweaking the 5D a little in respect of the third party lenses.I did get out to Denia for a couple of hours as i was going a little stir crazy in the house. Not very much happening  there but i came away with this. All in all not a great way to celebrate Earth Day 2012!

Apologies for not checking out all the new posts out there, running a bit late last week, so i´m playing catch-up this week!

This one was with the Tamron 28-75@28mm, f/5.6, 1/640 sec, ISO 400. CEP´s Tonal Contrast applied. Handheld.

8 thoughts on “La Lonja, Denia, Sunday-Earth Day

    • Thanks David, i agree (but did´nt actually notice at the time) the oxidation (rust) that you get by the sea is so in contrast to the pristine Nylon nets that never decay-except when they are useless and discarded,like in this photo!

    • It´s got so bad with the bees lately Brandon, that i carry a pack of Anti-Histamine tablets in my leather jacket! I´m getting used to bee stings- i get on average, stung once a day,they don´t sting intentionally,they´re innocently going about their buisness when i slam into them. We need bees, quite a big world problem, actually as the bee population is declining, no bees, no flowers, no flowers…….well, you get my drift!

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