Marqués De Campo, Denia

An interesting view of Denia for me, it´s rare to see the main drag down to the port so empty, in a few weeks it will be heaving with a mass of tourists! This image taken on Sunday´s foray to the coast. In this part of town pedestrians rule!

I´ve left it all a bit late as usual, to get as many images for postcards for the shop before all the tourists arrive next month. Still some interesting things happening in the next month in this town, not least a show of classic motorcycles and cars and of course the fiesta season is starting, so some projects in the pipeline for me i hope. Landscape/Seascape season is just about over ´til October-too much haze and dust in the air and far too bright for photography in the daylight hours!

EOS 5D Mk II,f/5.6, 1/2500sec, ISO200,Tamron 28-75mm@75mm, Handheld,CEP´s Tonal Contrast filter.


3 thoughts on “Marqués De Campo, Denia

    • Thank you Nick. Yes they are (but not everyone buys them). I am fortunate that my wife owns a gift shop, popular with tourists, so it´s not much work and i can keep the price affordable and and offer some exclusivity. the reality is you cant make a lot of money with postcards but it helps to promote my work!

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