The Wash House, Sagra

When i first came to Spain twenty odd years ago, these wash houses were still in use, you´d see the Marujas or housewives hand washing clothes as you might see  in the third world, i remember asking one of the old boys from my barrio why the women did´nt have washing machines, like everywhere else in the western world, his reply was” they do, but where else would they be able to get together and have a good old gossip”!

Of course now, twenty years on it´s acceptable for the housewives to have their coffee morning´s in the bar and Bingo on  Sunday afternoons!

It seems to me, in respect of my pueblo here, the world changes in small steps but are really giant leaps!  10 or 15 years ago, women enjoying each other´s company in a bar would´ve been unheard of! All power to them!

Up here in the pueblo´s, the town hall´s have spent a lot of money on renovating the wash houses- i guess it´s a cultural thing, but then after taking some pictures of our wash house, it came like a bolt out of the blue-why not get  some photo´s together of wash houses- each one in each village is unique ( don´t worry, not gonna put 500 images of wash houses on my blog, just one or two)!

Funny how  some photographic material is just within 5 minutes walking distance from you´re front door!

I don´t know about you, but this fountain looks a bit like “Robbie” the robot from the 50´s Sci-Fi film “The Forbidden Planet” to me!

Canon 5D MKII, f/8,  1/40 sec,   ISO 320,Tamron 28-75mm @28mm, handheld, filters in CEP.

5 thoughts on “The Wash House, Sagra

  1. I had the same thought as Mike before I read the write-up. I really like the B&W processing on how the dark is up front and the whites are around…almost like an inversion. Was the fountain a solid color?

  2. Yes, Adrian, times are changing – its very good that the women are now “allowed” to socialise like this.

    Good picture, good mono, very striking – and I too am reminded of Robbie! Adrian

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