The little river in Sagra

A Sunday walk with the family brought us to this place in Sagra, i actually never knew it existed, a river in miniscule. The plank ,if you can call it that, is the way across-we all declined, me because with a new very expensive camera, i´m not taking any chances- even if it is only 1/2m deep, Silvia  because she does´nt want to get wet and anyway she´s got a bunch of flowers and expensive jewelery on and Sophie ´cos she´s got  cold ears and wants to go home and it´s about to rain!

I made a real big mistake yesterday- i deleted my google+ account,( i find it too time consuming) and i´ve lost all my RSS feeds to all you´re blogs, so i´m going to have to re-subscribe to them all tomorrow.( and there are a lot of them). So if i have´nt commented or liked your posts recently, it´s because i´m having  to wade thru my inbox to get to you-back to normal A.S.A.P!

F/11, 1/320sec, ISO 640, Tamron 28-75@28mm,Handheld, SOOC.


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