Mayday Picnic At The Marjal, Pego

We decided to go out to the Parc Natural de Marjal, for a picnic on our day off. The Marjal is a wetland parc just outside of the town of Pego about 8 Km from where we live. Every third person you meet here is a wildlife Photographer so there is a good feeling of cameraderie, it was my first time here so was great to get advice as to where were the best spots for photography from those in the know.I don´t  posess a super long lens so not much success in wetland bird photography for me but i was appreciative of the suggestions as to where to go to photograph. We got there about midday and i think an early morning foray would probably be best, i shall be returning there! I did,nt come away empty handed though.This shot from a small jetty, a little ways from uor picnic place.   GPS/Google Maps location for the Marjal can be found here.

Shot details:  Canon 5D MKII,Tamron 28-75mm@28mm,f/32, 1/2 sec, ISO 50, Tripod mounted, Processed with CEP´s B+W Filter and Vignette Blur Filter.

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