Parc Natural de Marjal, Pego, Alicante

This the view at my back while taking the photo of my last post in the Marjal. The same sort of filters used here as in the last one.

There is a time for HDR photography and a time for not HDR Photography. With HDR, it´s sometimes hard to stop, before boredom takes over.

On that happy note, just to let you know tomorrow´s post is going to be far more mellow and chilled-out!

Details: Canon 5D Mk II, F/32, 1/8 sec, ISO-50,  amron 28-75mm@40mm,Tripod, CEP Filters.

9 thoughts on “Parc Natural de Marjal, Pego, Alicante

    • You´ll need to take at least three bracketed images with your camera tripod mounted for true HDR, but you can get similar effects using a single image. Download Photomatix light (free) after it´s on your system watch the video tutorial,it´s just just a case of practice, Hindupur. Color Efex Pro´s Tonal Contrast filter does a similar job but unfortunately not free! Hope this helps!

  1. I agree that sometimes HDR images can be a bit too much but I love a moody sky so this one really hits the spot!! Beautiful! I have yet to experiment with it myself but it does intrigue me 🙂

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