Xalónia-a weekend of festivities

f/5.6, 1/1250sec, ISO-100 Tamron 28-75mm@75mm, Flash enabled

F/13, 1/200 sec, ISO-100 Sigma 70-300mm@119mm, no flash


                                           f/5, 1/80 sec, ISO-4000,Sigma 70-300mm@190mm, no flash


f/4, 1/80 sec, ISO-4000,Sigma 70-300mm@86mm, no flash

The town where are gift shop is, hosted a weekend of activities to promote the town. The activities came in three components over the two days, starting late Friday night  through to Sunday night. Today´s post is from the Saturday day and night. The main image is of a friend´s son, Connor, doing his BMX thing at Fira Xaló Obert (Xaló Open Fair) and the others we´re taken at a location just out side of the town where the music bars (and our shop) are located.

These were from the benefit concert of a local charity organisation “Help Africa”.

I´d wanted to get more shots of the people there- the punks and grungie´s with their dreadlocks (meant in the nicest way as some of them are my friends too!) rather than just the bands but it was around  1am and little Sophie wanted to go home to bed!

I find it quite amusing the reaction you get from people when walking around with cameras and equipment.( I´m a person who does´nt feel self-concious about taking pictures in public places, however my wife cringes!) and the whole weekend i had complete strangers  asking me where they could view the pictures. I think i´m going to need some visiting cards made up with my blog and 500px address on, writing them down on the back of flyers you´ve just picked up off the floor looks bad!

A guy with a big shock of frizzy hair like an Afro, asked me if i was going to take some shot´s of his band who were next up, as we were on our way out i had to apologise and promise to get some of his band next time around, he looked really disappointed- i felt terrible!

All these bands are local and play in the fiestas in the villages around the area during the summer, so plenty of opportunities for band and concert photography this summer and although the music is´nt always what i would choose to listen to, it´s a great vibe and cool when they come up to you after their set and shake your hand!

I want to master handheld lowlight photography, so band and concert photography is a great way to hone my skills in that particular medium-while having a good time!

All todays images are SOOC, taken with the 5D MKII and Tamron and Sigma lenses handheld.


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