De-Sanctified for Renovations

This shot was taken thru the window of the local church in Tormos,  the next village to our village Sagra.The light conditions were very challenging. The church is closed to the public at the moment,  due to renovation work being carried out.  It must be one of the smallest churches i´ve seen to date, any smaller and it would be an Ermita! I added one of Shadowhouse Creations 2012 JPG Grunge Brush Texture set,to this, and you can visit Shadowhouse Creations here, if you don´t already know it.

No photography this last weekend as i have been looking at a great Facebook online  HDR workshop called HDReate. Luis Tamarit is a great Digital Artist in this field, although  for me, not all the content is what i would choose view,(some of it is a bit “Lara Croft”) but technically brilliant. I like HDR but not to the exclusion of all other photographic styles, but if you are an afficianado of HDR, you may want to check out HDReate facebook page.

This weeks posts are going to be a little erratic as i have some Product Photography to do for a friend who´s launching a Vintage website soon-and i promised to have the first batch ready for Wednesday!

Luckily my weekend shoots leave me with just enough in reserve for downtime. Tommorow morning, nose to the grindstone!

Canon 5D MK II, f/5.6, 0.6 sec, ISO-160,Tamron 28-75mm@28mm, handheld, CEP filters and textures.


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