The Wolfgangsee, Austria from Strobl

A very busy week doing product photography means i have´nt had a chance to get out and about with the camera- and i miss my blog! So i´m putting this up from the archives.I´ve really missed not being able to post on my blog, so i´m taking time out from product photography post production to stay in the loop and tomorrow´s another day- everything can wait ´til then!

This was taken last year from Strobl overlooking the Wolfgangsee, (See, in German means lake and it´s a big one)! This was taken from a very cool restaurant high in the mountains (we were attending a family wedding reception). I added some adjustment layers in photoshop to the lake and to the foreground and then CEP´s Tonal Contrast for everything else.

Canon 50D,f/4.5, 1/640 sec, ISO-100,Canon 18-200mm@18mm.

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