Sunday morning On The Sierra Bernia

We´ve spent the weekend camping with some friends, at  a friends plot of land close to this place. Sunday morning i left the folks back at the campsite really early and took a drive to the base of the mountain and then “walked the Walk” up to the Bernia. I´ve been to this mountain many times, as it´s a favorite of mine, but never at this time of the year. This view is of the port of Denia in the distance. There were quite good atmospheric conditions, not too hazy,which was suprising at this time of the year.

I cut my equipment down to two lenses and my Giottos tripod as it´s quite a stiff walk and was glad that i did!- although it was still fairly heavy stuff to lug around! This is a three bracket HDR. I added a little bit of Saturation to the sky before merging the RAW files in photoshop, then added some Tonal Contrast using Color Efex Pro software and cropped it “Pano” style.

Canon 5D MK II,  f/18, 1/800 sec, ISO-200, Tamron 18-24mm@24mm, Color Efex Pro Tonal Contrast filter


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