This Planet Is My Resting Place

Many years ago, before i came to Spain, I took some therapy ( i needed it at the time) my  therapist and i did some Astral Planing, i had to find my Spirit Father, he was a little guy who looked like Gandi, dressed like Gandi and spoke like Gandi- i found him !!!! Before reaching his little cave up in the highest mountain, i had to spend some time resting in the perfect place that i wanted to be-i think this is the  place!-OMG I´ve only just discovered it years later,or latterly last weekend!  The only thing missing is the birds singing, the insects buzzing and the song  “ this Planet Is My Resting Place  by Karma playing in the background!  And oh yeah,  the sound of water trickling over the rocks from a small stream closeby!

Bernia| Canon 5D MKII|f/18|1/25sec|ISO-400|Tamron 28-75mm@30mm|SOOC


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