Cova De Los Arcs, Cala Moraig, Cumbre Del sol, Spain

Saturday afternoon we all went to the Trobada in Benitatxell. The Trobada is a festival of the Valencian language and the local primary schools have  stalls with activities and workshops for the kids. As i´ve been to these over the years , i left Silvii and Sophie there and headed down to the sea cave at Cumbre del Sol closeby.

Cala Moraig, where the cave is situated has a semi rocky beach and a rather overpriced “Chiringuito” (Beach Bar). Obviously the owners have´nt realised that Spin is officially in recession! Google maps location here.

As i was fiddling about with the camera settings in the cave, two divers popped up in front of me to my surprise, i tried to engage them in some trivial conversation while trying to reset the camera so i could get  a shot of them emerging from the water, i asked if the water was cold, “freeezing” they chuckled, they were shivering and i could see they just wanted to get to thier support vehicle, so i decided not  to ask them to pose for me. A shame, it might of been a cool shot but it was´nt what i had come for anyway, so i was´nt too disappointed.

As you can imagine it was quite challenging getting some sort of exposure balance with the light levels inside the cave and the levels thru the cave entrance out to sea, and on top of all that, the day was continually alternating between bright sun and cloud. This is a three bracket HDR, i adjusted one RAW exposure as low as it would go to bring out as much detail as i could of the scene outside the cave entrance and then adjusted the remaining RAW exposures to the lighting in the cave,( luckily the cave has two entrances one from the sea and the other from the shore so there was some lighting from  from behind). I merged the adjusted RAW files in Elements 10 and added some Tonal Contrast in Color Efex Pro. I would have liked to take this at about 9:30 in the evening, as the sun was going down and the light levels inside and outside the cave were not so different but i had to be back at 8.00 that evening to pick up the family and then go to a barbecue we´d been invited to but hey, i have the whole summer  to come back and do it all again!

Canon 5D MKII| f/22| ISO-50|tamron 28-75mm@28mmTripod|Color Efex Pro


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