Silkworm Moth 2012

Generally ,with Macro i try to avoid posting something i´ve done before, however Silkworm Moth, is one of the most frequent search terms on this blog, it´s almost a daily occurrance, which i figure means there are enough people out there interested in this species of moth for me to make an exception, so here´s this years offering of said moth. Like last year these moths have been cultivated (if i can use that word) by my daughter. They are mature now and have laid their eggs for next year.

As i only have one macro lens (EF-S 60mm which does´nt fit my 5D), i´ve had to fall back on my trusty Canon 50D. I used my product photography lighting set up to light the subject.

In this image the moth is clinging to the cocoon it´s just emerged from, with the silk thread clearly visible at this magnification. The moth is about 2cm from the lens. I´m afraid i don´t know if this one´s a male or female. These moths are extremely easy to photograph as they hardly move but you need patience as they take about 6 weeks to grow to adult moths from the caterpillar.My daughter grows them in a shoe box and gives them fresh Mulberry leaves in the caterpillar stage until they weave their cocoons.

f/18| 3.2 sec |ISO 100|


15 thoughts on “Silkworm Moth 2012

    • She puts the adult moths on the leaves of a mulberry tree (they don´t live long after laying eggs) and puts the eggs in a new shoebox for next year which we keep in the basement in the dark.

  1. Wow! That’s a lot of magnification and so sharp. I’ve taken my share of macro images (with extension tubes) and have almost never been happy with the result. I’m convinced I just can’t shoot macro.

    • Mike,I´m sure your as capable as anyone in that field, i´m never happy with my Macros either! I think though a dedicated macro lens will always produce best results-but if you don´t do much of it why to spend out the money. I´m not about to get rid of my 50D simply because i need a macro lens for my product photography so i´m not about to shell out for an EF macro for the 5D. On another note, i looked at you´re FB page-i thought your “delightful Sunday Shoot” album was amazing and a source of inspiration 4 me as i have some paid Wedding/Potraiture to do in September-you have a real talent there! cheers Adrian:)

    • Not so difficult Brandon,Silkworms don´t move much, so plenty of time to set up the shot- felt a bit bad about pouring so much light in there though – they don´t like it.
      But they´re a very easy subject for Macro!

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