Queen Of The Mountain

Like all proud Dad´s everywhere i take a lot of photo´s of my daughter, Sophie still enjoys having her photo taken. I´ve spent the last few days trawling thru the hundreds of images i´ve taken of her over the last couple of years or so and encountered this one from earlier on this year. The more i look at it, the more i like it, so much so it´s become a firm favorite of mine (for now)!

The original image, although quite striking for me, was overall a little too much colour (background mountains) and as i wanted Sophie to be the main subject with the mountains and sky as a pleasing but not dominating backdrop, i created an adjustment layer in Elements 10 and pushed the saturation slider to zero,set the blending mode to overlay and then reduced the opacity by around 50%,then flattened the image. Sophie being 1/8th of African descent has quite course but flyaway hair and the day was windy as you would expect atop a montain, so photoshop (or i should say)  i, had some difficulty with the de-saturated layer in respect of some wayward strands being de-saturated along with the mountains in the background, so as you might have guessed i used the clone stamp tool for that.

Although her eyes came out O.K. because i used a flash, i  used the Quick Selection Tool and a brightness and  contrast layer to accentuate them a little.

I have tried this method on several other images with varying degrees of success-i would say that with the right image you can really cut down on Post Processing time with this method and if you´re working with Elements rather than the full Photoshop suite,it´s really quick and easy.

This image was pre my Canon 5D MKII and´m beginning to see that the 50D is still a great bit of kit! I can´t remember what lens i used for this but i think it was the Tamron 10-24mm or so it looks from the EXIF data.

Canon EOS 50D|f/22|1/40sec|ISO-400|Tamron 10-24mm@24mm|Flash|Handheld.


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