Canon 5D MKII|Tamron 28-75@28mm|f/2.8|ISO 400

Canon 5D MKII|Tamron 10-24@14mm|f4/5|ISO 400

I´d been on an evening stroll in the orange groves around my village, here  in Spain, one evening last week and came across an abandoned shack. On entering i came across this old pumping machine.

It must´ve gone out of use a long time ago, as i can´t believe that all these large wheels and movements that are unprotected would ever get past a modern health and safety inspection-even in Spain!

This pumping station is situated close to and old mill (that had been converted to a restaurant when i first came here 20 odd years ago.)The mill was built on the site of an underground river and i suspect the pumping station was installed by the Citrus growers co-operative to water the groves.

I returned the following early evening with my equipment and i used my Tamron 28-75 and Tamron 10-24mm lenses for these 3 bracket HDR´s, i applied Color Efex Pro´s Tonal Contrast filter to the merged files.

The next three months in this part of Spain is a difficult time for photography-landscapes are out of the question as there is too much dust and haze in the air and coastal photography becomes difficult due to the trappings of mass tourism. So these next three months will see posts on a weekly rather than daily basis until the autumn.However i shall be keeping up with all my fellow bloggers posts everyday!


4 thoughts on “Abandonado,Sagra,Spain

    • My preferred too Mike, in such a confined space the wide-angle works better, but of course there´s the distortion-i´m wondering if my Nifty Fifty might not have been a better choice of lens, although i´d have had too stick the camera to the back wall somehow-you could walk across this hut in three steps it was so small!

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