Starry,Starry Night…….

As i said in a previous post, photography during the day in these parts of the Mediterranean,is pretty much a mugs game, best not to even try, disappointment is such a negative emotion! Half of a 24 hour day (or there abouts), is night!Therefore, rather than lament it, i´m going to embrace it, so night photography is the order of the day (or night) for the next few months, methinks!

The Ayuntiamento (town Council) think that keeping  100x 1000watt street lights on thru the night is the modern thing to do, the fact that everyone is tucked up in bed from 11:30 onwards (except me)and no-one ventures out on the street  does´nt really get thru to the fog of paperwork –hey we,ve all got torches y´know- will they ever learn?

It also plays hell with long exposures, i´m going to have to have serious words with the mayor who lives next door to me –except he goes to bed at 08:00 pm in the evening and is to busy with paperwork in the morning to see anyone-aaah, the joys of living in a Spanish Pueblo, of which there are many, however this situation happens not to be one of them!

Tonight is the first of those beautifully star spangled nights-stars everywhere, perhaps it´s to do with San Juan- the shortest day of the year, who knows!

Thank the  gods for Camera RAW, I could´nt be bothered to lug my tripod up the stairs to the roof terrace, so i just put a brick on the table on the roof terrace, set the camera on top of that, set the mode to “Bulb” and pressed the shutter for about 16 seconds.

This is pretty much exactly  as it looked with my own eyes.However i had to dum down the the light levels with some adjustment layers, as the street lights were reflecting off the buildings and they were flooding the whole sky with unwanted light!

Man, i had to push those sliders in Camera RAW all over the place to get the starlight coming out!- to the detriment of the buildings in shot- i guess  that´s Yin Yang – can´t have one without the other!

You could have the best DSLR in the world- and you still could´nt come close to what the human eye can see, a sobering thought for me!

Canon 5D MKII|f/4|16 sec|ISO-6400|Tamron 10-24@24mm|4.25


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